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DU-EL-MA do accomplishment to all types electro instalations (high voltage, telephones, computer networks, television, speaking tubes and others systems for hotels) for any kind of objects : hotels, industrial plants, schools, hospitals, buildings, private houses.. what you may see on our list with work.

References for derivative electrical installations

** Derived electrical installations, telephone, computer installations, installations for the detection and fire alarm, video surveillance systems, alarm systems, and other types of installations in the following facilities: 

Court Ohrid - OTC Hall 

OU "Prlicev" - Ohrid 

Hotel "Bellevue" - Ohrid 

Hotel "Millennium Palace" - Ohrid 

Hotel "Sun Gate" - Ohrid 

Hotel "Chingo" - Ohrid 

Hotel Monte Negro "- Ohrid 

Hotel Metropol - Ohrid - reconstruction and modernization 

Hotel "Inex" - Ohrid - reconstruction and modernization 

Hotel Drim - Struga - reconstruction and modernization 

Hotel "GS Group" - Ohrid - reconstruction and modernization 

Hotel "Mirage" Struga 

Hotel "Royal" Ohrid 

Villa "none" - Ohrid 

Market Don "Ohrid 

Restaurant Europe 

Restaurants "Momir 1 and 2 in Ohrid 

Restaurant Dzhino "- Ohrid 

Cardiology - Ohrid reconstruction and modernization 

Economic School - Ohrid (Reconstruction) 

High School Ss. Kliment Ohridski - Ohrid (Reconstruction) 

Factory for processing of wood ELA MAK - Ohrid 

Factory for gypsum boards "Knauf" - Debar 

Roof tile factory in the village. Chelopeci - Kicevo 

Peanut Factory - "Magic" - Ohrid 

Factory for processing of meat "ME - Sheroski" - Bitola 

Factory production of fodder "Gica" - Ohrid 

Factory plastic windows "Kemplast - Struga 

Foundry TCG - Ohrid kabelregali reconstruction of networks 

Eurosalon (Object old Nama with old plane tree) - Ohrid 

Confection "EvroDzhins", "Timex", "Zhabet", "Almateks and others. 

Border crossing "Kafasan (Albanian). 

House of Culture - Debar 

European University _ Ohrid 

City Library - Reconstruction 

Assembly of the Municipality of Ohrid 

OU Prlicev - Reconstruction 

PS Koco Racin - Reconstruction 

Complete maintenance of street lighting for the 2007/2008 year Ohrid. 

** 80 business collective residential buildings in Ohrid, Bitola and Skopje 

(Approximately 2000 dwellings) 

** A number of individual residential buildings 

** Substation 

Ice Factory "Cermat" - Bitola 

Meat Industry Sheroski "- Bitola 

Yeast factory - Bitola 

Factory fodder "Gica" - Ohrid 

Roof tile factory in the village. Chelopeci - Kicevo 

Ohridati - Ohrid,

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